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In a city surrounded by the sea and where it's summer all year round, what better activity is there than to spend days on the beach between the dunes, crystal clear waters and breathtaking areas of vegetation? A modern and cheerful city, Natal grew between the rivers and the sea to please those who like heat, tempered by cool winds from the sea air.

The approximate 400 kilometres of coastline of Natal are divided among the sands of the South and North Coast. There are also urban beaches, like Praia do Meio, the Via Costeira and the Ponta Negra. In all of these temperatures vary between 20 and 31 degrees throughout the year. They are, therefore, the ideal destination for those who enjoy the beach. So, come and meet some of the most beautiful beaches of this paradise city. Whoever goes to Natal must have heard about the Morro do Careca, a dune that is located in Praia da Ponta Negra and is one of the most beautiful postcards of the city. In this extensive beach you can walk, relax and drink coconut water whilst chatting with friends. Right at the city centre is the Via Costeira beach. It is nine kilometres of beaches and dunes, surrounded by seaside hotels. At Praia dos Artistas, about three kilometres from the centre, opt for some surfing lessons. The most visited is undoubtedly the Praia do Forte (or Praia do Meio). The waves are calm and you can even finds natural pools.

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