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No major tourist flooding as other holiday paradises, the island of Sal is increasingly sought by those who want a few days off for two or even as a honeymoon destination. It is ideal for moments just for two, on the beach or a walk, with our eyes set on a real lunar landscape.

Sun and sea, on an island that is not deserted summons the gods of love. The island of Sal in the archipelago of Cape Verde, does not have the typical tourist flooding as other paradise destinations, such as the Caribbean, it is increasingly a destination devoted to days with romance or even an unforgettable honeymoon. In fact, the island of Sal has all the necessary ingredients: white sand beaches and warm crystalline waters, sunshine and mild tempered by the trade winds. Add a rich cuisine, friendly people and guaranteed fun, day and night at the sound of "mornas" and “coladeras”. The hotel units have already adapted to stimulate this type of tourism and promote activities that complete a memorable stay. Apart from the fantastic Vila de Santa Maria beach, Sal conceals other paradises, such as the sands of Algodoeiro, Murdeira Bay, Calheta Funda Beach and Praia d’Água Doce, among others. As a couple, enjoy the natural "spas" in the zone of Salinas. Floating in the dense salt pond waters is a unique experience. On the opposite side of the island to the northwest, the fantastic natural volcanic stone pool, called Buracona that offers a swim with very different characteristics, where you can watch the spectacular effects that occur when the sun's rays cross the water.

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Sal Seville Ponta Delgada São Tomé and Príncipe
Sal Seville Ponta Delgada São Tomé and Príncipe