Hand Luggage

Find out how much hand luggage you're allowed to carry for free.

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Hand Luggage

We know that our passengers may have important items they wish to bring with them onto the plane. Nevertheless, we all have to take into consideration that space on board is limited, and that certain objects are prohibited in the cabin.

What can you take?  

We have to restrict the weight and size allowance of hand baggage accepted on board, so that everyone can enjoy a comfortable and safe trip.

In order to ensure something can be transported in the cabin, either under the seat or in the overhead compartment, please make sure your luggage does not exceed the maximum size allowance of 115cm: 55x40x20 cm.

  • Economy Class: 1 piece up to 8 kg                           
  • Executive Class: 2 pieces with a total combined weight of 16 kg

Besides the hand baggage allowance, just one of the following items may also be taken on board:

  • A laptop case or sleeve or shoulder bag (maximum size allowance: 40x30x10 cm)
  • Mobility aids
  • Medical instruments

Please make sure that your luggage is within the size and weight allowance permitted. If it exceeds these specifications, it should then be checked in at the airport drop-off point. Consult the opening and closing times of baggage check-in.


  • Baby food for consumption during the flight
  • 1 baby carrier – in the cabin or hold

Where do we place our hand baggage when on board?

We ask all passengers to place their hand baggage in the overhead compartment. If it does not fit or is too heavy, it should then be placed under the seat immediately in front, unless flying in emergency row seats or in the first row of the cabin.


On some PGA carriers, there may be further constraints due to space restrictions.

On crowded flights, it may be necessary to place your hand baggage in the hold due to lack of space on board. When this happens, the luggage will be taken at the boarding gate and delivered to you again at the arrival destination’s baggage claim.

Restrictions on hand baggage

For security reasons, certain items may not be transported in the cabin. Please consult Forbidden Luggage for more details.

NOTE: Selfie sticks and electronic cigarettes may be brought on board the flight as hand baggage. However, their usage in the cabin is strictly prohibited.