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Reigned by a queen, Netherlands welcomes the visitors by offering its many gardens, channels, windmills and natural human generosity, so much more than could be expected. Netherlands borders the North Sea to the North, Belgium and Germany, to South and East. This country has over 16,6 million habitants and a temperate maritime climate with mild Summers and cold Winters.

Located in Western Europe, the Netherlands are geographically a low-lying country with approximately 27% area below sea level, which explains its high number of dikes. This country, which is reigned by Queen Beatrix Wilhelmina Armgard – has mandatory stops, Amsterdam or Den Haag, where the royal palace is situated. Amongst Vondelpark Garden, historical museums such as the Van Gogh or Anne Frank’s home, tourists can wander across the cities on bike. Indulge yourself with the tulip scent, the Dutch flower, whilst those more indiscreet looks glance (discretely) into large uncurtained windows, the temptation of a peek at the daily life of whoever lives inside. Don’t be surprised if you get invited to go in for a coffee, a veal croquette (Kalfskroketten) or even a pancake. This is the way of the Dutch: Friendly and liberal. Coffee shops are a Dutch trademark, so you will find them around every corner and it is mandatory to visit one. As for the climate, Holland welcomes its visitors with a temperature of 25 degrees. During winter thermometers drop down to 0ºC. Spring, the flower season, is a pleasant time to pay a visit.

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