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Barcelona invites you to go out and enjoy the permanent fiesta which extends throughout the city. There is always a place that fits your pace and your idea of a perfect evening. There are hundreds of places for conversation, dancing until dawn or listen to live music.

The area of Barceloneta, with its traditional or more sophisticated fish restaurants, may mark the beginning of the night. After dinner, it is best to do as many of the inhabitants of Barcelona do and go to places like the Plaza del Sol or the Plaza Rius i Taulet, for a coffee and make plans for the next few hours, because clubs and bars only begin to fill up rather late. The Gothic Quarter is one of the most popular places and has several options such as pubs, jazz clubs like the Harlem Jazz Club (www.harlemjazzclub.es) or lounges. Santaló-San Gervasi and Gràcia areas are chosen by young people who like to be seen in the most popular nightclubs known as Otto Zuts (www.grupo-ottozutz.com), which is in a former textile factory. Poble Nou is a little further, but who enjoys dancing will not miss going to the Razzmatazz (www.salarazzmatazz.com) dance floor with lively sounds of Techno, Indie Pop, Pop and Rock. El Born has a very diverse frequency, including locals of Barcelona and tourists. Eixample, Gaixample, Raval, Olympic Port and Porto Velho a complete itinerary of sites where you can eat, drink, dance and socialize. As in all cities, there are many posh places, according to what’s in fashion at the time, so it is best to explore each one until you find the perfect place to have fun.

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