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Here the night is very lively. The Basques like to leave home early, from 9pm to begin socializing. In addition to the many bars, nightclubs and areas where you can quietly eat and drink are few pinchos and cañas in the city there are also some very nice restaurant areas.

The gastronomy of the region is very rich in meats and it’s easy to find a good meal. One of the restaurants that is recommended, and that could be the beginning of a lovely night in Bilbao, called À Table (Dos de Mayo, 18) and offers the flavors of traditional French-Basque cuisine. Another highly rated restaurant called Matxinbenta (Street Ledesma, 26), where you can try fresh tuna with spicy tomato sauce, the great Basque specialtyFrom here, there are several places you can go sightseeing. The bar area of Casco Viejo is one of the favorite places of the Basques to have some drinks, walk through the streets and chat a little.In bars, we recommend the Juantxu (Rua Licenciado Poza, 39), Lamiak (De la Rua Pelota, Casco Viejo) and the most unforgettable of all, Café Iruña, the city's oldest, opened in 1903 (Colon Street Larreategui 13).If the goal is to dance, the nightclub Indautxu is the elected. The city is also part of the itinerary of international DJs, so the electronic sound parties are common. More interesting are the nightclubs Crystal (Buenos Aires Street) or the Hard Rock Star (Gran Via).

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