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Famous for the Art University and its culture, proudly displays its medieval traces. But think again. This is not a city frozen in time. You will rather find a unique urban culture and very trendy. The arrival of spring restores to the city all its romanticism. The food complements, taste, a visit to Bologna.

If staying just a couple of days in a city, the location of the hotel is crucial to make a good management of your time and get to visit the most emblematic, without losing much time when getting from one place to another. In Bologna, book a room in the vicinity of Piazza Maggiore, the heart of the city. Within this area you’ll find accommodation for all budgets. Starting at this spot set you can discover the heritage, the culture, the art and, of course, the gastronomy, which gave the world the famous Bolognese. In Piazza Maggiore admire the beauty and grandeur of the medieval buildings of St. Petronio in Gothic style. Illustrated postcard of the city are also the two leaning towers of Asinelli and Garisenda. The Fountain of Neptune is another symbol of the city and is a place of pilgrimage for tourists and one of the most photographed in Bologna. Here there is a strong student presence that had its birth still during the Middle Ages, so the night of Bologna is known for being very lively and eclectic. But first enjoy the fact it is the capital of Italian cuisine and indulge yourself with wines and tasty local dishes such as ragù (Bolognese). A final note to mention that this is a city of consumption and there are many places where you can spend your money. Here are the great empires designers, but also major car and motorcycles brands.

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