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In spring and summer activities and outdoor festivals multiply, but Bordeaux is a city with a cultural life that unfolds throughout the years, always with a great variety of offerings, which involves museums, theater, opera, music and festivals

Bordeaux offers a fairly comprehensive history of art from the period of prehistory to the present. The Natural History Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts and the Museum of Aquitaine, which has, through objects of different periods of history in the region, are places of great interest and free access to permanent exhibitions. The temporary exhibitions cost 5 Euros. The National Opera of Bordeaux (www.op-bordeaux.com) seeks not only lyrical singing, hosting concerts ranging from classical music to hip-hop. Their own programming is held by a large group of resident artists (120 musicians of the Orchestre National Bordeaux Aquitaine, 38 dancers and 40 singers), who also act at other spots of the city. Places like the Globe Theatre (www.globtheatre.net) the Théâtre du Casino (www.lucienbarriere.com) or the Theatre National Bordeaux Aquitaine (www.tnba.org) are just examples to a list of more than 30 venues where activities such as theater, music and dance have a regular presence. The festivals are more common in the warmer months, are also part of the cultural map of the city. In March, the Plaza Renaudel receives the Book Fair and at the end of April, comes the Spring Fair, an outdoor market in the Place des Quinconces, where you can buy plants, food and antique furniture. The River Festival takes place in June, along the Garonne: parades, concerts, theater performances and street arts, cinema and outdoor swimming competitions are on the agenda of this event. Also during that month occurs the Festival of the Gardens and the Festival of the Tale. Les Epicuriales in July, brings together about 300 000 people in a huge celebration in which the wine, crafts, music and theater have a prominent place. July and August are also months devoted to the cinema, with workshops and outdoor sessions. The International Women's Film Festival (October) and Autumn Trade Fair (November) complete a filled agenda.

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