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Brussels is a city where the young never get bored: comics, chocolate, amusement parks and museums specially dedicated for children will make this an unforgettable family holiday.

Finding a program that will please the youngest is not always easy and many cities do not seem to be fit for children. It is not the case of Brussels, which also pleases adults, offering many adventures and discoveries for the smallest. The Museum of Comics (http://www.comicscenter.net) having also many books, life-size images of Tintin, Captain Haddock and Professor Calculus, as well as interactive activities. The Museum has also created a comic book route, consisting of screens with images and figures like Tintin, Asterix and Corto Maltese arranged in various facades of the city. The Theatre of Magic Mountain (http://www.theatremontagnemagique.be) has several activities for children and for the whole family: singing, dancing, theater and workshops are part of vast program in this cultural space. The puppets have a long tradition in Belgium, kept and sustained in places like the Toone Theater (http://www.toone.be), which is part of a regular schedule in the museum. Although the pieces can be represented in multiple languages, the language of puppets is universal, so it is not hard to follow the adventures of the characters. The Children's Museum (http://www.museedesenfants.be) has interactive exhibits for ages from 4 to 12 years, and free workshops. In a country famous for its chocolates, it would be unthinkable not to share with the little ones this sweet delight. Factory Zahab (http://www.zaabar.be) has a special program for greedy kids, where they can taste local specialties and learn a little about the manufacturing process. The Auto World (http://www.autoworld.be), with its vast collection will certainly appeal to boy, and girls, in Mini-Europe -(http://www.minieurope.eu), Europe with monuments in small scale, as small as a child, here you can travel through the mini cities of the European Union, ride the gondola or knock down the Wall of Berlin.

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