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Sharing borders with Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, the Republic of Moldova and bathed by the Black Sea, Romania is the perfect destination for a family holiday or just a plain hideaway. The list of activities and places to visit in the country is endless. Take some time to appreciate its architecture and museums, and by doing that, understand its people and history. Visit the churches and monasteries, the castles and palaces throughout the country. And try not to forget to make a house call to the home of prince Vlad Tepes, better known as Count Dracula, in Sighisoara, an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Romanians are naturally hospitable people and eager to engage in conversation and share history and stories with tourist, especially in towns and villages. You might even be invited for a home-cooked meal. For the outdoor lovers, Romania offers the opportunity to laze on the beautiful beaches in the summer to skiing in mountain resorts in Winter. Or just wander through unspoiled landscapes, horseback riding, hiking, rafting, canyonning ou bungee jumping. For the less adventurers, caving, fishing, bird watching and golf are also very popular, as well as water sports Water Sports, scuba diving, sailing, tube riding, waterskiing and windsurfing, among others. Better yet, at least for some, its fauna is one of the richest in Europe, rivaled only by its flora.

With a temperate climate, Romania is an all year round destination, although late spring to autumn is the best time to visit, unless you’re into snow sports. Travelling in Romania offers a wide variety of experiences and sights, ranging form medieval towns to the cosmopolitan Bucharest, once known as The Little Paris, the Carpathian Mountains and the Danube Delta to its people folklore and culture, not to mention its gypsy heritage. Among Romanian UNESCO World Heritage Sites (WHS), Sighisoara is one of the most famous and visited attractions. And if its cobblestone streets and colorful buildings, among which an old clock tower, and museums, weren't reasons enough for a drive to this ancient hill-top citadel, how about the house where Count Dracula used to live?. Approximately 16 miles away lays the fortified church of Biertan, famous for its double walls and complex 19 lock system of the sacristy that won first prize at the Paris World Expo in 1900. From there head to Viscri, a Saxon village, famous for the painted houses that line the unpaved road, the church with a two-level museum and a pretty frightening open staircase leading to the tower, with an amazing view of the valley. In the northeast, Southern Bucovina gets its world wide fame for the 15th century painted monasteries classified among the most picturesque and the greatest artistic European monuments. Among other WHS is Maramures, home to several peasant villages where ancient traditions seem to have passed the test of time and wooden churches that welcome all visitors. Architecture, music, crafts, traditions and strong spirituality and creativity have played an important role in the shaping of Romania and its character. For nature lovers, it is paradise on Earth, or at least in Europe. Recognized as one of the world’s most biologically diverse areas, not only does it offer a wide diversity of landscapes but also perfect sites for outdoor activities. Make sure not to miss the Danube Delta.

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