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Blue turquoise waters, coral reefs, deserted islands and white sandy beaches. It may sound like a dream, but after travelling a few kilometres you arrive at one of the most aphrodisiacal places in the world. The Arquipélago de Los Roques has the best of the Caribbean and an added advantage: tranquillity.

At a little more than 160 kilometres from Caracas, one finds the Arquipélago de Los Roques, one of the most aphrodisiacal places in the world for those who like white sandy beaches and waters with various shades of blue. There are flights from Venezuela’s capital, but it is also possible to travel there by boat. The archipelago is made up of 50 islands and has an atoll structure, protected by two coral reefs, resulting in very calm waters. Since 1972 it has the classification of National Park, but it has been gaining considerable touristic importance, not only because of its beauty and tranquillity, but also because it has ideal conditions for the practice of nautical sports such as windsurf and diving. Its crystalline waters host approximately 280 species of fish and more than 60 varieties of coral, as well as starfish, whales, dolphins and sea turtles. Travelling by boat and getting to know the various islands is an unforgettable experience: here are the best beaches of the Caribbean Sea, but without the roughness that characterizes other places more travelled by tourists. The deserted beaches, the simplicity of the accommodations and the gastronomy turn this group of islands into a paradise of beauty and tranquillity, proving that ecology and tourism are not incompatible.

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Luanda Bissau Funchal Boa Vista