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Founded in 1567, with the name of Santiago de Leon de Caracas, retains its colonial past, paying tribute also to Simón Bolívar, the great hero of national independence. Caracas has also a great cultural dynamic that includes international art festivals.

Much of Venezuela's culture is on the street: the people’s costumes, habits of the population, the colour and joy, the warm sounds of the night that come across the Venezuelan capital. This is the best way to experience the traditions and history of this people, proud descendant of Simon Bolivar. Start this journey in Simón Bolívar Plaza, following to the Cathedral of Caracas, built in the seventeenth century. Inside are the remains of the Bolivar family. The Capitol building represents the present power, but save some time to visit the National Library, and especially the Contemporary Art Museum in Caracas Sofía Imber, a major South American museum that keeps the major Venezuelan works of art and also of Latin America. Museo de Arte Colonial Quinta Anauco, Teresa Carreño Cultural Complex, Arturo Michelena Museum, which pays tribute to the most important Venezuelan painter and the National Art Gallery showing the different cultural areas of the country. Every year Caracas hosts a major International Theatre Festival, which brings together groups from all over the world. At night, you can choose between hot moments of Salsa, a theatre play or an opera concert in the beautiful Teatro Municipal de Caracas, dated of 1881.

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