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The coastline of Morocco is a seductive for beach lovers. It is has an amazing extension of sand that allows you to enjoy the sun and sea. In Casablanca, near the city, there are several places to choose from. And good ones. But to have more tranquility you’ll have to deviate a bit from the center.

The most sought area is the Ain Diab and it is also the most interesting, since it is located in hotel area, full of restaurants and shops. You already know that the weather here is hot, which is a tempting invitation for a few great dives in the Atlantic or an afternoon of sunbathing. Around here are also some beach clubs like Le Tonga, Miami or Tahiti. Street vendors liven up the streets and defy the tourists to test their ability to bargain.Also in Casablanca, you can choose to go to La Corniche. It is known to be the most exclusive of "Casa ". You’ll have to walk about 300 meters of sand till you reach the sea, so there is a lot of space to lay down. The sand is not very white, but it is a clean beach.Further down, between Casablanca and Rabat, is the district of Bouznika. Here you’ll find little more of the traditional Moroccan features and do not be surprised if you see dressed women swimming. Furthermore, this beach is very popular for water sports, windsurfing or just a swim.

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