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Let’s rely on morocco to go on an adventure. The Arab culture is well marked, but the country knows how to welcome its visitors, with wide open arms and open minded. Discover this magical kingdom, great in contrasts and so many surroundings: The Mediterranean, the desert, the mountain and the Atlantic… Let go, be enchanted by one thousand and one nights.

Located in North Africa, Morocco almost touches Europe, just separated from the South of Spain by the Strait of Gibraltar. It is the mythical home of the Sahara Desert. After the Roman Empire, the Arabs took over this territory and since then the Muslim religiousness plays an important role in the country. However the proximity to Europe makes the people’s mentality closer to western concepts. It is a country rich in landscape contrasts: Bordered by the Atlantic coast, you may find its most important provinces, such as the capital city, Rabat, and also the mythical cities of Casablanca and Marrakesh. Concerning Marrakesh, that lies at the foot of Atlas Mountain range, that run down the backbone of the country, dividing the northern cities – Fes, where one of the largest medinas belongs – And also the most desert portion of the country: Ouarzazate or Er Rachidia. In a country as dispersed as Morocco, with so many cultures, you will also find diversity in the climate; the average annual temperature is 21 degrees. The cuisine is so very exotic. Impossible to go to Morocco and not taste one of the many tagines – Fish or meat – Or the traditional cous-cous. And if you ever go to Marrakesh dare try an orange juice!

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Marrakesh Tangier