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This is another of the city ramparts. Betting on the city has made cultural facet Copenhagen grow much, not only in terms of tourism, but also already receives many visitors, with regard to the inhabitants themselves, who do not miss visiting the museums and libraries.

In Copenhagen you will find some very famous museums such as the Danish National Art Museum (Sølvgade, 48-50), perhaps the best known and one of the busiest. Entrance is free, allowing everyone to observe the collection of works by Titian, Mantegna, Rubens and Rembrandt, among others. Also the National Museum of Denmark (Ny Vestergade 10) this is a good option to get to know a little better symbols and Danish culture. The entrance to the museums of Copenhagen is free once a week, normally on Wednesdays. They are also the busiest day. It is essential to a visit Experimentarium (www.experimentarium.dk/) , one of the most advanced science museums in Europe, which promotes interaction with visitors. And for beer lovers, do not visit the museum of Carlsberg (www.visitcarlsberg.dk), can be considered a great sin!Besides the museums, there are several buildings worth visiting. The Royal Library, which is the largest library in the Nordic countries and is built along one of the many canals, designed by architects Schmidt Hammer Lassen, in black glass, and is known as "Black Diamond".

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