TAP Portugal  


The Atlantic Ocean gives this city its characteristic blue tone, conveying a calm and laid-back feel and at the same time, a festive and entertaining atmosphere. With plenty of beaches, monuments and delicious gastronomy to choose from, you can be assured of a good time.

As the Galician saying goes, Vigo works, Pontevedra sleeps, Santiago de Compostela prays while A Coruña sings and dances. It sounds like the perfect motto for anyone seeking a medium-sized city, offering a range of attractions that rival larger cities. The city has plenty of historic sites for those in search of local cultural heritage, several beaches, spa resorts and a thriving nightlife scene that will surely guarantee a good time for those seeking leisure and entertainment. The quality and variety the local gastronomy has to offer are an ideal complement to any of these activities. In a constant attempt to modernize, this cheerful, laid-back city is now an ideal destination for families and children and can be visited all year-round, since it does not experience extreme weather. The city has a mild climate, much like northern Portugal, with a yearly average temperature of 14º Celsius and moderately high rainfall during the winter months. The best ways to get around town are on foot or by public transportation, especially since the local government’s recent plans aimed at reducing traffic in certain areas of the city, through carpooling and more parking spaces. You can practically get around the entire city on public buses, and by tram, which were reintroduced in 1997, 35 years after it was taken out of service.