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The capital of Senegal which gained worldwide fame due to the mythical Dakar off road race is a very relaxed and informal city. The sun, the beach and natural beauty are all attracting factors and nothing better to remember this passage through Dakar than to bring back home in your luggage a little of its culture and history.

As in any African city, the art of bargaining has a name and especially many practitioners. Bargaining or wahalé in Wolof language is almost as important as the goods themselves. There are several places aimed for shopping, but do not be surprised. One of the most common situations in Dakar are buying and selling in the street, from exotic fruits to leather goods, varied hardware, shoes and even tables, chairs, sofas and furniture! But there are many other items to buy in Dakar. While strolling through the capital, go to the Medina area. This is an old town, typical of Islamic cities, where you will find many crafts artisans. Go then to the Kermel, a market where you can buy exotic flowers, fruits, vegetables and also fresh fish. In Tilen Market choose to bring medicinal plants, with the guarantee of the sellers, many of them have magical powers. Handicraft is one of the great attractions for those visiting the city. Just close by, in Soumbedioune see the artisans, sculptors, weavers in full activity. Surrounding the Sandaga Market, specialized on fresh products, you can also find electronic goods in several fairs and where they sell a little of everything.

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Porto Alegre Athens Rome Zurich