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Bathed by the Ria Formosa and the Atlantic Ocean, where flamingos can be seen, the city of Faro does not only face the coastal zone. The whitewashed houses, the plains and the gentle hills filled with orchards paint this scenery, also filled with historical symbols that include Roman and Moorish legacies. The nightlife and a diverse cultural agenda enliven the city.

With 42 000 inhabitants, Faro is head of the county and the capital of the Algarve, one of the most important tourist regions of Portugal and Europe. Visited every year by thousands and thousands of tourists, Faro, after Lisbon, is the second largest entry gate in Portugal. The city's climate, characterized by long, hot summers and mild, short winters, with many sunshine hours during the year, invites you to dip in the waters of the beaches, to discover the islands and in search of a rich historical and cultural heritage. The Ria Formosa, a lagoon in constant change and unique habitat for various species, is a major symbol of the city of Faro. With its white sand and islands Deserta, Farol, Culatra and Faro Beach are unavoidable spots. But in addition to these natural attractions, their heritage is also equally unavoidable. The historic center surrounded by the Old City walls is a mandatory stop. Besides the tours, entertainment is a guarantee throughout the year due to the city’s cultural agenda that offers a wide range of suggestions that include music, dance and theater.