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Over 100 different roses and aromas fill Parc de La Grange, during the summer months. An authentic garden of colours which you will definitely want to visit. Parks in Geneva fill up with tourists taking advantage of the warmer climate for a walk outdoors with the guarantee of being in one of the city with the best quality of living in the whole world.

The Geneva region is prodigal in green areas, many tree areas, natural landscapes and parks. Do not be surprised if, when turning a corner, you find a garden full of tourists. Close to the city, you can find the Jardin Botaniques, which deserves a visit. Here, you can find an extraordinary variety of animal and plant species, duly identified. But for those who visit Geneva cannot leave the city without visiting the famous Parc des Bastions, with its huge chess trays outdoors where matches are observed by crowds. The park also hosts several festivals, throughout the whole year. Another popular park is Parc de la Grange, which offers a spectacular rose garden in the summer, known as La Roseraie. There are over 100 types of roses, which create an incredible scenario and an unforgettable aroma. If you have children, go for a walk to the Bertrand Parc, in the outskirts of town. Here, you can have a calmer afternoon, with no crowds, and the younger ones will love the swimming pool.

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