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Hamburg has in its DNA a glorious past. The fact of having for centuries one of the most important ports of the European routes, it has provided great cultural richness, visible in the historical and cultural buildings, a heritage that has been built over the years.

The city possesses several museums, with collections and just that fact attracts thousands of tourists that visit Hamburg. For example, Deichtorhallen (Deichtorstraße 1) that is one of the most famous art galleries in the world, with exhibition halls for contemporary art and a Photography House, which can be seen through a varied program of activities. For art lovers the Kunsthalle (www.hamburger-kunsthalle.de) has the largest collection of contemporary art in the city, with important works of artists such as Max Liebermann, Philipp Otto Runge and Adolf Menzel.From a more historical perspective, the Museum of Hamburg (www.hamburgmuseum.de) is an ideal place for understanding the birth and growth of the city and includes templates that help understand the construction of the most famous port in Germany.Touring the city you can find many other places that challenge your most intellectual side, but in the following case, more eclectic. The Laeiszhalle or House of Music in Hamburg is installed in a neo-Baroque style, which hosts various concerts and performances and is also home to the orchestra of Hamburg. You should also visit the Opera House in Hamburg, the headquarters of a leading German company and its building in Theaterstrasse Große, was built in 1678.

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