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With a strong marine tradition, the Horta has several areas to remind us about the culture of the sea, the importance that the oceans have on life on the island and its inhabitants. The rich history of the island, of volcanic formation, is also a strong source of cultural dynamics.

By having a large flow of visitors, the municipality decided to provide some audio equipment with detailed information about the city, in Portuguese and English, on the most important city sights, you can find it at tourist information stands. This equipment will, of course, be referring to the Horta Museum (Largo Duque Ávila Bolama Horta) which brings together a vast collection of works from fig tree pith, an art expression characteristic of this island. Here is also the museum of Capelinhos, which reports in detail the volcano eruption of Capelinhos in 1957, with photographs of the phenomenon and waste from the eruption. If your interest is the history of this volcano, you cannot miss the detail, the very place where the famous eruption took place and where the Interpretation Centre of Capelinhos is installed.Another museum often visited is the Museum Centro do Mar, located in a protected landscape area, access to the Monte Guia (Hill), on the premises of a former whale processing plant that operated there between 1941 and 1974. The space is dedicated to exhibits related to the sea. Also held here were some meetings and conferences.

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