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Between rivers (Rhone and Saone), the second largest French city offers unique landscapes that almost make you forget the normal bustle of Lyon and its one million inhabitants. Architecture, cuisine, art and entertainment make this a very special city.

The temperate climate is another factor in favour of Lyon. The bimillenial city invites you on a journey through ancient times and various cultures. The heritage is vast and includes traces of the Roman occupation, but also medieval streets and buildings of the Renaissance period when it greatly developed. And if the city suffered from the French Revolution, it has blossomed again under the rule of Napoleon. Visit the Renaissance Lyon, an area distinguished by UNESCO as World Heritage Site that includes several buildings of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. A stroll along the Gothic and Renaissance monuments must include a visit to the cathedral and the famous Traboules, small galleries that make the passage between several streets. Another highlight of the city are the Trompe l'oeil Murals, true outdoor art galleries throughout the city. These paintings are so perfect that seem three dimensions. In the West zone, ride the funicular and climb up Mount Fourviere. The panoramic view is fantastic, as well as the Cathedral. You can even go further back in time (Roman Empire) on a visit to the Gallo-Roman amphitheater. Enjoy the lively cultural life, with biennials, opera, dance, theater and concerts throughout the year. Among the "bouchons" (taverns), famous for its large tables.

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