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Museums, theater, opera ... Just choose whatever you want to see. The city has many areas dedicated to arts, but also dozens of festivals. Every day there is something new to discover

The museum list is so extensive that it would take almost a month to get everyone to visit it all. There are over 30 sites, including permanent collections and temporary exhibitions, revealing the best of the local and international arts. The Museum of Fine Arts (www.mba-lyon.fr/mba), with pieces of ancient Mediterranean civilizations, medieval and Art Deco is a reference, but there are places such as the Institute Lumière (www.institut-lumiere.org) or the Museum of Contemporary Art (www.mac-lyon.com) that deserve a few hours of your time. The Theater also has a great tradition: the ancient and classical Théâtre des Célestins (www.celestins-lyon.org) to experimental theater Les Subsistances (www.les-subs.com), through the popular New Generation Theatre (www.tng-lyon.fr), there is always a play which is worth seeing. The eclecticism so present in theater extends to music, which goes through several stages in town. The biggest is Tony Garnier Hall (www.halle-tony-garnier.com), a multiuse structure with 17 thousand square meters, capable of receiving large pop and rock concerts, but also operas and exhibitions. Places such as the Trinity Chapel (www.lachapelle-lyon.org) or the Marché Gare, although less common, also have their own agenda and one very loyal audience. The Opera de Lyon (www.op-lyon.com) promotes and receives about 15 operas per season, and also a stage for dance performances and concerts. Lyon also has two orchestras: the Opera Orchestra and the Orchestre National de Lyon and one place devoted entirely to dance, Maison de la Dance (www.maisondeladanse.com). Each year In Lyon take place dozens of festivals dedicated to areas as diverse as hip-hop, poetry, film or comics.

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