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Facing the Indian Ocean, the coastline of Mozambique is extensive and extremely rich. Beaches, islands, lush flora and fauna provide a highly varied offer for everyone. Catembe and Inhaca Island are two excellent choices in the Maputo region.

The Maputo region, limited to the north by the province of Gaza, to the south by South Africa, Swaziland to the west and to the east by the Indian Ocean. It is an excellent destination for those seeking sun and sea, thanks to the fantastic beaches, a magnificent climate and the hospitality of the people. In this paradise destination you can simply enjoy the sun and a swim in its clear waters or you can dive in the coral reefs and enjoy the extraordinary fauna and flora of this region. You can also do spearfishing and fishing. The main beaches of Maputo are Catembe, with an excellent view of the city and the island of Inhaca, with a biological heritage of humanity due to the multicolored coral, sea turtles and other marine mammals. Inhaca is a 15 minute flight from Maputo and offers excellent tourist facilities. It is an area characterized by the mangroves, but also by two uninhabited islets (Santa Maria and Portuguese islands), accessible by boat and excellent choice for a day of complete quietness on the beach. Be sure to observe the diversity of fish along the coral banks. Others to consider are the sandy beach Macaneta, Ponta do Ouro, 100 kilometers from Maputo, known for its waves, and Ponta de Malongane.

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