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Inhaca Island is an unavoidable place for those who enjoy quiet beaches, coral reefs and enjoy the marine diversity. The green areas of the city center or the surrounding mountains are just some examples of the grandeur of nature in this part of Africa.

Although it is becoming known to tourists having hotels and other structures, a large part of this sanctuary remains unexplored, which attracts many ecotourism lovers. To go to Inhaca you have two options: A short flight or a ferry ride that has more affordable prices. In this protected area, nature is the main attraction with dense forests or the sea waters filled with coral and various fish species. Whoever likes to dive will not hesitate to explore a magnificent underwater world, where pollution and human actions have not been damaged yet. In some places, like the Portuguesa Island or the island of Santa Maria (uninhabited islets that can be reached by boat) you can see dolphins or sea turtles. The beaches almost wild, allow spending long hours of rest, forgetting that on the other side of the Bay is the bustling city of Maputo. The biodiversity of the island of Inhaca is well represented in the Museum of Marine Biology (www.ebmi.uem.mz/), a place where that works to promote and preserve the region's natural resources.For those who prefer the mountains, you will have to travel south, where you’ll find Namaacha, a mountainous area where the Mozambicans go for holiday or touring. The Pequenos Libombos Dam, the waterfalls and Libombos Mountains are lovely places to relax.

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