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Traditional markets allow you to purchase most typical products and to be in contact with the movement of the city, but the handicrafts shops are always a temptation for those who want to bring souvenirs back home.

To get into the spirit of the city, nothing is better than going to the traditional markets that sell a little of everything. The Central Market, also known as the Bazar da Baixa, located in 25 de Setembro Avenue was built in 1901. In addition to fresh products, it also offers a wide variety of aromatic and medicinal herbs as well as cosmetics and handicrafts. The Xipamanine Market has even more traditional and exotic items, functioning as a sort of bazaar where they sell the most curious objects, such as animals in formaldehyde and second-hand goods. In the Fish Market, in Marginal Avenue, you can buy the fresh fish you want for lunch, and then ask one of the nearby restaurants that prepare according to your wish. Although the markets offer a wide variety of crafts such as wood or ivory pieces, there are also stores specialized in this type of products, such as Casa Elefante in 25 de Setembro Avenue, where you can find shawls, traditional fabrics used by Mozambican women. In the Printer store Logos or in the Printer Serigrafia you may find images you can use to personalize your souvenirs. Alpha D Kayzer is a specialist in the manufacturing of cosmetics made in Mozambique. For those who prefer conventional shopping, there are many boutiques and even a shopping mall, Maputo Shopping Centre.

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