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Marseille does not forget the children and offers several ideas for amusement. The city has a museum dedicated to children and multiple spaces where they can have fun and let loose their energy and imagination.

Children don’t always enjoy going to museums, but after a visit to Préau des Accoules (www.marseille.fr) they may change their opinion. This space, located in the former premises of the Marseille Academy, with free access it features exhibits designed to awaken the youngest interest in art. The most restless have in Pastre Venture (www.pastreaventure.com) much room to let go of their energy. Situated in the city center, it offers adventures such as huts in the trees, swings and other physical activities, always respecting strict supervision and security measures. The Grimpozarbres (www.grimpozarbres.com) receives children from the age of three and has programs for various ages. It is an acrobatic park that offers games and playing in trees, ideal for the most fearless. The little ones and adults will not remain indifferent to other attractions: a lama family lives on site. The city also has more than ten parks and gardens with their own structures where the little ones can play and enjoy quality time outdoors, as well as theaters with plays for children, workshops, libraries and play centers with programs capable of entertaining children (www. provencefamilyholidays.com). Many restaurants have children's menus, but if parents want to spend a few moments alone, there are several baby-sitting services.

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Marseille Funchal Moscow Stockholm