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In the vast Russian territory, sport and nature are most of the time complementary. The weather helps with abundant snow, complementing the landscape and activities such as skiing, snowboarding, ice-skating and hiking or mountain climbing make it even more attractive

There are several ski resorts scattered throughout the huge territory of the Russian Federation, but no need to leave Moscow and travel hundreds of kilometers to be able to ski. In the capital area there are several ski centers, some with artificial snow and night lights that balance against the "failures" of nature. Among them are Novoperedelkino (artificial snow and various infrastructures for snowboarding) and Krylatskoye and Vorobyovy Gori, near the University of Moscow. Outside the capital's metropolitan area can choose between the amusement parks Volen (provided with hotel) Yakhroma (adventure) or the sports center Stepanovo. In all these places you can rent part or all of the equipment. But Moscow can also be a starting point for other adventures in the snow, in places such as the Ural Mountains, Elbrus, Lake Baikal or the Caucasus, areas where you can ski, snowboard and ice skate along with other activities such as hiking, climbing or of river descents. The most popular ski resort in Russia is Krasnaya Polyana, in the northern Caucasus.

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