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Munich’s geographical location invites the visitors to a short stay in the Alps. The white invades the whole city and the mountains around it become a magnificent postcard. Even the ones who are not big fans of skiing will see it is worth looking at this white veil from a close distance.

For many people, when the snow falls in Munich and paints all the places white, the city becomes even more beautiful. The green of the gardens mixes with the white of snow flakes and makes the visit to the city even more unforgettable. Snow is abundant around Munich, since the famous Alps are really close, turning Bavaria’s capital into the snowiest German city. There are plenty of residents who take advantage of the weekends to go skiing and relax after an intense week of work. Even the most radical ones can enjoy the geographical location of the city to enjoy the snow. The Bavarian Alps are an excellent option. This is a mountain range, the Oriental Alps, located in the Alpine estates of Austria and south of Germany, extending from the Valley of the River Rhein throughout the border with Austria and Germany. The highest mountains in the Bavarian Alps are the Parseiierspitze (3,036 metres) and the Hoher Dachstein (2,996 metres).

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