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Known as the City of the Sun, in the capital of the State of Rio Grande do Norte you will discover much more than white sand beaches, blue sea, dunes and coconut trees. So you may forever remember your passage through this paradise, nothing better than shop a little of this paradise itself.

First of all enjoy everything that Natal has to offer, however much your wish is to take home a piece of paradise, do not forget to buy some souvenirs, even if it is the famous bottles of sand, which can have up to 25 tones and is made with colored sand from the Tibau dunes. In the city and along the coastline there are many places that sell handicrafts. In Ponta Negra, the best are Vilarte and Handicraft Market of Ponta Negra. However, it is in Petropolis you will find the most sought by the tourists, the Tourism Center. Located in a former prison, the cells led to several shops selling works in clay, wood, fabric and, of course, cashew nuts and cane rum - cachaça. From cipó (reed) are produced baskets and chairs, while the straw from Carnauba, typical plant in the Northeast, are produced hats, handbags and rugs. If you want to take as a souvenir the famous “rendas em labirinto” (labyrinth lace) you will have to travel nearly 50 kilometers to Nísia Forest, where the cooperative lace makers - cooperativa das rendeiras - are found. Tablecloths, runners, cushion covers and napkins are some of the pieces that you can buy. In the city may also choose to visit one of several shopping centers.

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