TAP Portugal  


The warm waters that surround Pico invite us to spend lovely days and delightful dips. Feel the magic in this place and climb to the highest point in Portugal and catch a glimpse of the other islands of the archipelago.

It is unknown when the island was discovered, but the history of Pico began to emerge around 1480 with the settlement of people from the north of Portugal. Here lies the highest point in Portugal, with 2,351 meters of altitude. The second largest island in the Azores archipelago is 447 square kilometers and is inhabited by about 20,000 people. Rural tourism, caves, lakes, harbors and natural pools. Note these words on a notebook and mark them with a tic as you visit each of them. So that when you leave the island pretty pleased you will have a lot to tell. Of course in the island that has the highest point in Portugal climbing to the top is inevitable. From the top you can see the islands of Sao Jorge, Graciosa, Terceira, Flores and Corvo, also belonging to the Azorean Archipelago. For those who enjoy nature, a visit to the Pico is required sooner or later in life. The climate is temperate, registering an average temperature of 13 ° C in winter and 24 ° C in summer, the Gulf Stream, that passes relatively close by, keeps the sea at an average temperature between 17 ° C and 23 ° C and certainly invites you for a dive.