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Thanks to the mild climate, in the island of Porto Santo you have the possibility of practicing sports and outdoor leisure activities in any season. The possibilities are quite different (land, sea and air), especially the walking racks and foot orienting, diving, fishing and parasailing.

Porto Santo is a small island with just over five thousand inhabitants, but offers a tremendous natural beauty that can and should be discovered by land, sea and air. To begin, go and see without a hurry the secrets of the island, visiting the many walking trails. For the more demanding, there are several maps for the practice of the still promoted, foot orienting. You can also experience the various bike trails or go on a jeep safari, risking to outrun many natural obstacles to reach places little frequented and of difficult to access. At sea, the possibilities are also several, especially diving. The most searched is the area south of the Porto de Abrigo, where since 2000, the ship "Madeirense" is sunk. Other options are fishing, canoeing or sailing, not to mention jet ski and water skiing, kite surfing and windsurfing. These two sports draw an increasing number of fans and fill with color and movement the calm waters of the island. Porto Santo is also an island with excellent conditions for the practice of free flight. Climb one of the peaks and dare to take off for paragliding or hang gliding.

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