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A trip to the Recife requires a dip in its warm waters and a stroll along the long sandy beach. With inviting temperatures throughout the year, the capital of Pernambuco and its surroundings combine a range of beaches, considered by many as the most beautiful in Brazil.

Upon arriving at Recife, head to Avenida Boa Viagem, along which extends a long pedestrian strip, parallel to the long sandy beach of Boa Viagem. Considered one of the most beautiful urban beaches in Brazil, is seven kilometres long and, at low tide, has amazing pools, being also possible at this time to walk on the relatively flat and wide reefs, although a bit slippery. In spite of the kiosks on the beach that are forbidden to prepare food, it's easy to find vendors with fried fish, oysters, fried shrimp, fruit, drinks, among others. With rapid travel by car you can arrive at the beaches of Pina and Piedade. Both bordering the Boa Viagem Beach, being the broad sandy beach of the first used for some shows. The Brasília Teimosa Beach, the most recent of Recife, is also worth a visit. Where once there was a colony of fishermen, with stilts, there is now a revitalized location, with the traditional board walk, parks and kiosks.

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