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Italy, this country belongs to the sea, surrounded by the Mediterranean and Adriatic Sea. It is so much more than country filled with stimulations. The architecture will challenge us, the musicality of the language that seduces us and the gastronomy that invites us to stay and learn to appreciate the dolce fare niente, in the city squares or the in quietness of the countryside.

Breathless, this is how you´ll feel, so many stimulations you feel every single moment. Not only have being the roman capital during so many centuries, but still welcomed a renewed breeze of the Renaissance creativeness. Men, such as Leonardo da Vinci or Michael Angelo, who’ve left a unique legacy to a country that seems to be a living museum, in cities such as Rome or Florence. Venice, what can you say, where lovers are rocked by the gondolas.But Italy is also the rural Tuscany, where autumn brings warm colours and the portrait of Sicilian and Sardinian People who seem to be part of the landscape. Milan, more industrialized and prosperous, the capital city of fashion, a true parade of elegancy.In a territory the plunges into the sea, the climate varies from the continental characteristics, typical of the North and the Alp’s influence and as you travel further south, it becomes warmer till you reach the arid climate of the Mediterranean.Even though you’ll encounter major differences, the “humming” of this language will rock you away wherever you may be and the gastronomy will entice you however modest may be the nook where you taste it.

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Bologna Milan Venice Turin