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Visiting Rome is travelling to the past through the museums and monuments, but it is also discovering a modern city with an intense cultural life, where events occur either on the streets or in grand locations.

The greatness of the past of Rome, due the extent of their Empire played a decisive role in Western civilization, becoming an obligation a trip to the past of this city. Visits to museums, monuments and squares are essential and the long wait to go into some places is rewarded. The Vatican Museum, Capitoline Museum, the Borghese Gallery and the Ancient Art Museum must be part of an itinerary that should take several days to visit. Other unavoidable places are the Sistine Chapel or the Coliseum of Rome. The cultural life of this city is intense and for those arriving it could be difficult to choose what to do, but in www.turismoroma.it or www.060608.it , complete websites that will help you find shows and guided tours. Since there is much to see and do, the discounts offered in Roma Pass (www.romapass.it) may help save a few Euros. Who enjoys great concerts cannot miss the PalaLottomatica a (www.palalottomatica.it), a venue with capacity of 10 thousand people that also has sporting events. The churches and squares, like Piazza del Popolo, are common venues for concerts and also other activities such as equestrian shows and events for children. And of course there are venues to visit such as Palladium (www.teatro-palladium.it), where opera and concerts are part of the regular agenda.

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Fortaleza Sal Frankfurt Stockholm