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Palalottomatica, Rome

To really appreciate nightlife in Rome is to get into the spirit: dine late and in no hurry to go to sleep is essential. A great advantage is that one needs not to look far to find a good restaurant or bar, because the excitement is concentrated in several places, which avoid moving far around after dinner. One of the most sought is Campo de Fiori, where attendance is uneven: tourists, locals and students from American schools nearby meet in bars such as La Vineria Curia del Bacco (www.lacuriadibacco.it) and nightclubs like the typical American, Drunken Ship (http://www.drunkenship.com), or Gilda (http://www.midra.it/website/gilda). The area of Piazza Navona is also very popular. Caffe della Pace (http://www.caffedellapace.it) is a great meeting point on warm evenings, while the Bar del Fico is famous for its cocktails. The Library (http://www.thelibrary.it) has a welcoming atmosphere, ideal for a dinner for two. Trastevere has a youthful and bohemian spirit, faithfully featured in bars such as Friends Caffe Art (www.cafefriends.it) or Birreria Olmsted (http://www.birreriaolmsted.com). Ostiense has a variety of offer that includes restaurants, nightclubs and even risto-bars, where you can eat and dance. San Lorenzo is an area attended mainly by people under 30 years old or Bandana Republic Coetus Club are just some of the places where the younger generation gather.

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