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Stockholm is an enjoyable city to travel with children due to its distractions and facilities. Besides its parks and gardens, there are several strolls and activities for younger tourists. Who won’t be enchanted with Pippi Longstockings’ house or with the zoo and the toy museum

Kids and grownups will experience truly magical and fantasy moments as they enter Astrid Lindgren’s child tales, author of Pippi Longstockings and of Alfie Atkins, in the house-museum of Junibacken. Right at the entrance, visitors stand before a square filled with characters out of children’s books. Also filled with characters from children’s imaginary is the Stockholm’s Toy Museum. Dolls, dollhouses, trains, cars and planes are some of the objects exhibited. The museum is divided in several sections, among which is the Mickey Museum.In the heart of Stockholm, one finds a cultural center with activities for children until the age of 12. For free, the space provides, among other things, access to the library, to the visioning of films or the reading of stories, in several languages. Those who wish to have a different experience, as being an astronaut in a space adventure or making his own TV shows, should visit the National Science and Technology Museum. Outdoors, parents can take the children for a walk or a bike ride to the several gardens that exist in Stockholm. They can also choose organized activities in theme parks. Gröna Lund is, for example, an amusement park with restaurants and several attractions for kids. The Skansen Park is also based on diverse attractions (recreates life in Sweden during the 18th and 19th centuries), an aquarium and a zoo. In an enormous green space, the Haga Park, is situated the Butterfly House, with hundreds of colorful butterflies originally from all over the world. In the same park you can find rare fish, insects, lizards and miscellaneous flora.

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