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A perfect communion with Mother Nature. Terceira Island still has several untouched areas of its territory, ideal for those wanting to explore and be in contact with green areas. Between hills, mountains or even ancient volcanoes, there are many options to enjoy rare moments of beauty.

Very near Angra do Heroísmo is Monte Brasil, a natural park that is also a recreational area where it is possible to picnic with breathtaking views of the Port of Angra. Also in Angra we suggest a visit to Municipal Park of Relvão in the foothills of the eastern slope of Monte Brasil, today an important recreational area, with various sport equipment.The island includes many other green areas, including mountains, peaks, and the marks of the volcanic heritage. As an example the Algar do Carvão, considered the only volcano in the world that can be visited, allowing you to visit the interior of a volcano crater, with an opening in the summit and various stalactites and stalagmites. There is still the Serra do Cume, where you can view on one side, the bay of Praia da Vitória and the plain of Lajes, and on the other the side the immense green area of Terceira, including also famous Mountain of Santa Barbara or the Serra do Moria, also known as the Serra da Nasce Água, which its boiler is possibly the largest water reservoir of the island.

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