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One of world's best cities to be seen as a couple, Venice is, in itself, a symbol of romance. And if a simple walk through the streets is enough to arouse emotions, what about a gondola serenade?

Arrive at Venice and admire the beauty of plazas, bridges and monuments, is from the start, a moment that will live in your memory. A stroll along the Piazza Sao Marco, a cappuccino in a busy outdoor café animated by local musicians or a walk through one of the bridges is moments that should be seen together. This is a romantic city, where the gentle rippling of the water seems to be enough to pack the most passionate. A city full of places that is perfect for photographs or even invigorating declarations of love. Do not miss restaurants with quiet candlelit dinners: oysters, Italian food and good wine ... Who can resist? The gondola rides are part of any romantic imagination, although they may deter more spared. Prices and duration of the trip must be prearranged and although the official rate is 62 € for a trip of 50 minutes, some may double the price. Still, many gondolas have on board a guitarist and a singer, which creates an even more romantic setting. The vaporettos are an alternative account, but are almost always full and we must make sure to choose a place that ensures a good view during the trip. The best time for this ride is at sunset, when the Grand Canal and the monuments are bathed in a magical light, almost cinematic.

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