Meetings Plus

TAP helps you plan every detail of corporate travel to your meetings


Meetings Plus

The Star Alliance Meetings Plus:

  • Makes your corporate travel to meetings easier and much more cost effective. Just one agreement covers up to 27 member airlines
  • Worldwide discounts on tickets for all participating airlines
  • Simpler travel arrangements to and from your meeting.
  • You'll get a single point of contact and a single agreement with a discount offer. 
  • Your company's assigned travel agency issues the tickets.

Is your meeting eligible?

To be eligible for Meetings Plus, your meeting will need to meet these conditions:

  • At least 50 participants.
  • Attendees from at least 3 countries (not including the meeting destination).
  • A lead time of 30 days minimum.
  • A travel agency assigned to issue the tickets for the meeting.

Meetings Plus is currently not available for travel from/to South Africa and

Special procedures apply for Japan and New Zealand.


  • One central contact for the agreement
  •  An agreement covering up to 27 member Airlines
  •  Discounted tickets on all participating airlines
  •  The travel agency of your choice to issue tickets


To submit a request for proposal and to find out more: 

Official Website Meetings Plus

E-mail: or