FAQs Mobile Check-in

In what circumstances can I use TAP Mobile Check-in?
  • You must have a mobile phone with internet access and an electronic ticket;
  • From 48 hours to an hour and a half before flight departure;
  • You must have a booking on a TAP flight;  
  • The route must allow Mobile Check-In;
  • No paid alteration to the booking has been made;
  • You may not travel with babies (under two years of age); 
  • You may not have booked any special needs assistance. 
Can I use TAP Mobile Check-in for the outbound and return flights?
Only if the city of origin for your flight features this service and within the set timeframe prior to the flight. 
May I travel with hold luggage when I use TAP Mobile Check-in?
Yes, you may drop off your luggage at one of the TAP luggage desks, as set out in the information table provided. 
How long before the flight do I have to be at the airport?
If you have hold luggage you should check the luggage drop-off table.
If you only have hand luggage, there are no set times to arrive at the airport. Bear in mind that the boarding gate closes 15 minutes before the flight departure time. 
I have lost or cannot print my mobile boarding pass. What can I do?
You can access the Mobile Check-in application again and reissue your boarding pass, access the Web Check-in and print the PDF document, or make your way to a TAP desk in the airport and ask for a print-out of your boarding pass. 
Is it possible to perform a group check-in?
Yes, you can use the mobile check-in service even if you are in a group. However you will have to check each passenger in individually. The boarding pass will have to be sent to the mobile phone of each passenger. 

Can I perform TAP Mobile Check-in on any mobile phone?
  • The TAP Mobile Check-in service operates on most mobile phones currently in the market;
  • Your device must have internet access.
If you do not know how to access or use your mobile internet, please check the user’s manual for your mobile phone or PDA.

If you are not sure if you have an internet service plan, please contact your mobile service provider. 
Is TAP Mobile Check-in available in my language?
The TAP Mobile Check-in service is available in Portuguese and English. 
Can I perform TAP Mobile-Check if there is more than person on my booking?
Yes, this service works in the same way as TAP Web Check-in, so you can check in all the passengers on your booking. You may also add and check in passengers present on other bookings. 
Do I receive the boarding pass on my mobile phone?

Yes. You can choose to receive it by text message (SMS) (which contains a link where you will see the boarding pass) or save it on your mobile phone.

How to use TAP Mobile Check-in:

1. Choose the Mobile Check-in option

2. Read and accept the general transport conditions as well as the information on prohibited items.

3. Put in the date of travel and booking code or electronic ticket number when requested.

4. Confirm your seat on the plane. You can change it according to the conditions shown.

5. After the check-in process is complete, you must put in your mobile phone number or email address. After which you will receive the boarding pass on your mobile phone.

This boarding pass has all the information that a traditional boarding pass has (boarding gate, seat, boarding time, etc.).

If you have supplied your email address, all the documentation, including the boarding pass will be sent to that address as a PDF document.

We recommend you keep the boarding pass on your mobile device, so that it is in your possession whenever you need it.

How do I pass through the safety checks in the airport?
If you only have hand luggage, make your way straight to the safety control point and show your electronic boarding pass on your mobile phone.

If you have hold luggage, first go to the luggage drop-off point within the set times and then go through the safety control, showing your electronic boarding pass. 
What do I do if the mobile device fails?
If for any reason your mobile device fails, you can request a print-out of your boarding pass at the airport’s TAP desk.