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Firearms & Ammunition

If you wish to travel with guns, please consult the conditions of carriage below.


Firearms & Ammunition

Important Note:

A fixed fee of €25 is charged for transporting firearms and ammunition each way of the journey.

Examples: Lisbon - Stockholm - €25 / Stockholm - Lisbon - €25
Frankfurt - Lisbon – New York - €25
New York - Lisbon - Frankfurt - €25
This charge applies to both methods of calculating baggage: the weight concept and the piece concept.

Passengers must check in one (1) hour before the normal time.

Transportation of firearms and ammunition is under the following conditions:

    • No firearms or ammunition are allowed in the cabin.
    • They must be handed over unloaded, dismantled and properly packed at check-in.
    • The firearm's documentation must be in order. Small firearms can be transported in checked luggage provided that they are declared at check-in.
    • Firearms and ammunition containing explosive projectiles cannot be transported as checked luggage.
    • Ammunition must not weigh more than 5 kg (11 lbs) per passenger and per bag.
    • Ammunition must be small calibre and not contain explosive projectiles. Ammunition must be packed in a container with a strong outer casing: wood, metal or fibre protected against rough handling and prevented from moving around inside.

Transport of firearms in the United Kingdom

  • Transport of firearms to and from the United Kingdom is allowed, with some restrictions, upon presentation of a license to carry the firearm. You must also have a special permit/license issued by the local police authority (in the United Kingdom). Firearms must be transported with the passenger as personal luggage, subject to check-in.
  • All handguns (pistols/revolvers) are restricted under UK law and may not be carried on TAP aircraft.

Transport of firearms in Switzerland

  • Firearms or ammunition considered "weapons of war" are not allowed to fly to, from or over Switzerland. 

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