New TAP fares to Europe and North Africa

Choose how you want to fly, pay only what you need

In answer to its customers’ different needs, TAP is launching new fares with more options. From Discount whenever you want to fly and go easy on the wallet, to Basic, Classic and Plus, made to measure for you and your family and Executive and Top Executive for whom flying is part of everyday life.

In a world that’s always on the move, there are many ways to fly. Which one suits you?


6 New Products

For all journeys to and from Europe and North Africa, Economy Class will offer four and Executive class two journey options.
These new products are differentiated by the services available they offer and the rules of the fare (changes and refunds).
With sales from 1 September and journeys from 1 October, you will have the chance to choose the product that is best for you.

As each new TAP product is associated with a number of services and benefits, you must take several factors into account when making your booking.

Just decide what you really need.

Included in each product:


Miles 10% 40%  70%  100%
Hand Baggage up to 8kgs up to 8kgs up to 8kgs up to 8kgs
Hold Baggage - 1 x 23Kgs 1 x 23Kgs  1 x 23Kgs
Seat Reservation
(within 36 hours of departure)
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Seat Reservation
(more than 36 hours prior to departure)
 -  - Standard seat Standard seat
and front rows 
Priority Check-in - -  - Yes 
Fast Track  -   -   - Yes
Priority Boarding - - - Yes
Digital kiosk *  1 publication   2 publications 2 publications 3 publications
In-flight Meals Yes  Yes Yes Yes
Upgrade with Cash  Yes  Yes Yes  Yes 
Upgrade with Miles **  Yes  Yes Yes Yes
Online Check-in  Yes  Yes Yes Yes
Text Alerts  Yes  Yes Yes Yes

* Newspapers and magazines must be downloaded before boarding and can be read offline on your smartphone or tablet. This service is free and available via the TAP app (valid for TAP customers travelling on TAP-operated flights).

** Due to technical limitations on the TAP upgrades platform, upgrades using any brand of miles can only be made from 1 October. Until that date, upgrades using miles will continue to be made as before, only on tap|classic and tap|plus products using the Reservation Booking Designators (RBD) – Y, B, M, Q, S and H.

Add more services to your journey

Changed your mind and want more? You can.

You can always change your original booking and choose to add more services later:





Hold Baggage * 1 x €20  - -
Seat Reservation - Standard €10 €10  -
Seat Reservation - Front Rows  €15 €15 €15
Seat Reservation - Emergency Exit €20 €20 €20 €20
Fast Track ** €12  €12  €12  
Lounge Access  *** €25-€50 €25-€50 €25-€50 €25-€50


*  One item of luggage in the hold costs €20 if you are travelling on a Discount fare. Further items cost €55 each in Discount, Basic, Classic or Plus. These prices may vary when charged in the airport.

** Fast Track is only available in some airports: Barcelona, Brussels, Copenhagen, Faro, Funchal, Lisbon, Madrid, Porto, Paris and Rome.

*** Lounge prices vary depending on airport. 

Note: Seat reservation prices are for seats booked more than 36 hours prior to departure.

Restrictions / Penalties

If you still don’t know what you want on your journey, then note that some TAP products have restrictions and penalties.

See here:




Ticket changes Not allowed  Allowed upon payments starting at €100  Allowed upon payments starting at €75  Allowed
Refunds Non-refundable Non-refundable Non-refundable

 Refundable with €120 penalty

(prior to start of journey)


There are two products associated with Executive Class: Executive and Top Executive.

Each product has associated services on the ground and on board, as well as different rules for each fare (changes and refunds). 


Included in each product


 Miles 150% 200%
 Hand Baggage 2 x 8kgs 2 x 8kgs
 Hold Baggage 2 x 32Kgs 2 x 32Kgs
 Seat Reservation Yes Yes
 Priority Check-in Yes Yes
 Fast Track Yes Yes
 Lounge Access Yes Yes
 Priority Boarding Yes Yes
 Digital Kiosk 7 publications 7 publications
  In-flight Meals Yes Yes
 Priority Baggage Yes  Yes
 Access to the Premium Customer Centre Yes Yes
 Parking (Lisbon, Porto, Faro and Funchal) - Yes
 Valet Parking (Lisbon and Porto) - Yes
 Online Check-in  Yes Yes
 Text Alerts  Yes Yes

Restrictions / Penalties

Ticket Changes  Allowed upon payments starting at €75 Allowed

 Refundable with €120 penalty

(prior to start of journey)



Click here (PDF, 2MB, EN) to download a PDF of the new TAP fares.

If you bought your ticket before 1st September 2016, see here for more information about your fare.