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Highlight: A Coruña

La Coruña is located in a corner of Galicia, in north-western Spain. It is a destination where the cutting edge and design share day-to-day life with tradition. Many also know it as the city with the oldest operating lighthouse, the legendary Tower of Hercules. Being able to look on this Roman tower with over two thousand years of history, protected by Unesco, is already reason enough to travel here.

The city has a very significant network of science museums (Museum of Mankind, House of Fish and House of Sciences) with the motto "forbidden not to touch". This is a must for children and adults. The network has recently been further enhanced by the National Museum of Science and Technology of Spain, MUNCYT. Hidden in the bowels of a glass prism, this museum has more than 15,000 objects on display, including scientific tools, technological devices, vehicles and industrial machinery. The exhibits range from the sixteenth century to the present day: from the light that lit the Tower of Hercules between 1857 and 1904 to the cabin of the jumbo jet that transported Picasso’s Guernica painting to Spain.

Picasso also left his mark in La Coruña. The artist spent his teenage years in the city. He arrived as a child and created his legendary dove of peace there. The Picasso house museum preserves part of the life of this teenage artist.

Modern tastes are also catered for in the rich cuisine. The origin of this culinary well-being is the Market where there is frantic activity every morning between sailors and traders negotiating the buying and selling of fish that has just arrived at port. The city is brimming with restaurants for you to sample dishes made from seafood and locally grown produce. Farmhouse and authentic tastes washed down with the excellent local wines turn a visit into an unrivalled dining experience.

Monte de San Pedro, a park built on a former defensive area that still has its cannons, is another of the city’s natural attractions, where you can enjoy a breathtaking sunset. 

Besides all these attractions, La Coruña is known for being a city where things never stop happening. It has an extensive cultural and recreational calendar that becomes heavier with the arrival of summer. One of the most important and magical events of the year takes place on the night of San Juan (23 June). It is a festival that has been declared of National Tourism Interest. On that day the ancient spells and rituals that give rise to the shortest and most mysterious sunset of the year take centre stage. Traditional bonfires on the beaches and popular barbecued sardines provide the fuel for a great show where music, magic and light invade every corner of the city. This is a unique opportunity for those who wish to visit La Coruña and soak up the warmth of a unique and distinctive event. In August, the celebrations of the city’s festivals turn La Coruña into a place full of noise, fun, activities and entertainment of all kinds.

La Coruña is also a perfect destination for a family trip, thanks to the children’s host, Catuxa the cat. This character was created to guide younger visitors through La Coruña, turning the visit into a game that not only allows them to travel on their feet but also through their imagination.

There are many reasons to visit this city. 

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