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Information about Funchal

Madeira is an idyllic postcard that few places can match. Every corner of the archipelago is an amphitheatre carved by nature with special views over the Atlantic Ocean, an ocean that seems endless when viewed from the island. The beaches, cliffs and natural pools carved along the coast indicate the volcanic origins of the region and draw smiles on the face of those discovering them.

Leaving the undeniable beauty of the Madeira Archipelago to one side, let’s focus on the city of Funchal, supremely picturesque and rejuvenated with each day that passes. There we can find some of the best five star hotels in Portugal, and all we can say in relation to the countless luxury to just try them out! The geographical size of the city might lead us to believe there is little to offer tourists. Well we would be wrong to think that! This oasis of green has indescribable beauty which is stored in the memory of anyone who visits.

The slopes go on as far as the eye can see and they could be part of a painting worthy of being exhibited in any museum in the world and the avenues that stretch out, lined with jacaranda trees, are beautiful and should be visited over and over again. The island’s monuments and churches are able to delight everyone and everything. It's time to catch a flight to Funchal and be fascinated by the small basalt cave of the Capela de São Vicente chapel, by the imposing interior of the Sé Catedral cathedral – its ceilings built with wood from the island are among the most beautiful in Portugal, mixing various styles of architecture, from Gothic to Manueline – and lose yourself in the exotic floral smells that emanate from the Jardim Botânico botanical garden. Get ready to fall in love at every step as you roam through the streets and squares of Madeira’s capital. But the architectural wonders of the region don’t stop there: the Santa Clara monastery and church, built in the Hispanic-Arabic style, and the São Lourenço fortress-palace also deserve to be on your list of places to visit.

The flowers, nature trails and protected reserves capture the heart of any visitor and they are a true delight for nature lovers. Lose yourself in the indigenous Laurissilva forests, truly magical places that could easily be the scenery for fairy stories.

Funchal also hosts parties and entertainment and, at least twice a year, it dresses itself up to host the Flower Festival and the New Year’s Eve Celebration, when you can enjoy the country’s largest firework display.