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What is the TAP Corporate Fly Programme?collapsed

TAP Corporate fly is a loyalty programme targeted at small and medium-sized companies that allows cost-reduction on their travels. This programme offers the largest rewards to the companies who fly the most, converting these journeys into points. These points are managed by your company and can be exchanged for Award Tickets or upgrades. Registration is free, with quick and simple online management. Sign up now here.

What benefits does my company get when joining the TAP Corporate Fly Programme?collapsed

Your company will benefit from: Cost Reduction

  • Earning Corporate Points, which can be converted at a later date into Award Tickets and upgrades.
Online Management
  • Check your points statement;
  • Manage/change your employees' Victoria Frequent Flyer number
  • Enrol new users
  • Manage/change your company profile
  • Request Award Tickets
  • Request upgrades
  • Book and issue Award Tickets and the respective flight receipts

Which companies are entitled to join the TAP Corporate Fly Programme?collapsed

Participation in the TAP Corporate Fly Programme is restricted to companies that do not have any commercial agreement with TAP. The following may not join:

  • Travel Agencies
  • Operators
  • Agregators
  • Award-lance ticket sellers
  • Freelance travel agents
Membership does not depend on a minimum volume of flights. Companies will only be accepted if they are registered in countries offering the TAP Corporate Fly Programme.

How can I register my company for the TAP Corporate Fly Programme?collapsed

By filling in the form available at here.

I can't apply with this form. What should I do?collapsed

In case of difficulty, please contact us at and describe the errors showed on your screen.

I need more information. How can I contact TAP?collapsed

You can contact TAP at

Can my travel agent register my company on TAP Corporate Fly?collapsed

Yes, but the contact must be an employee of the company that is applying.

Is there a physical card associated with TAP Corporate Fly?collapsed

No. The programme is available 24 hours a day, with complete safety, through the Corporate portal at

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