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Madrid lives in constant bustle. The city does not sleep because even if it wanted, its people won’t let. The "calles"(streets) of Madrid are the main attraction of the "movida" of Madrid, which makes this city have an impressive number of nightclubs, bars and restaurants where "cañas and tapas” are just the appetizer for a full energetic experience.

It is certain that in a province with 6.4 million people (about half of this number reside in the city) the odds of having deserted street corner in Madrid are very short, but the truth is that "salir a la calle" (go out into the street) runs in the blood of the city. Madrid is in the heart of the Iberian Peninsula in south-western Europe, 650 meters above sea level, which makes it the highest of European capitals. The community of Madrid, including the city center, extends over 7995 km2, a little less than 2% of Spanish territory. The gigantic sizes of the avenues that tear the metropolis are impressive and defy those who prefer to sightsee on foot. In its favor, we have to say that the inclination is gentle, and so naturally you can walk for miles without realizing it, especially near the center of the Salamanca district and Retiro Park. Eclectic and resourceful, Madrid and its people are known to be open-minded, the conversation is easy and they’re not ceremonial at all due to the energy that runs in their veins. Regarding the climate great to know that it’s of extremes: A blazing summer and a sharp cold winter.