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With more than ten and a half million inhabitants Moscow is the most populous city in Europe. With 1.081 km2, the capital and largest city of Russia is also the seventh largest city in the world. Giant economic, political, cultural and religious center in this megacity, history allies together with growing modernity.

Moscow grows and visibly keeps changing without losing the authenticity of a Russian city. On the banks of the Moscow River, which crosses from northwest through to southeast, the capital of Russia has today more than 10.5 million inhabitants and its climate is characterized by severe winters, with temperatures that drop as low as 12 negative degrees and short summers, between 18 and 22 degrees. Even thought not having an access to the sea, Moscow is known as the port of the five seas, due to the canals connecting the Moscow River to Volga River that flows into the Baltic Sea, Azov Sea, Black Sea, Caspian Sea and White Sea. Capital of the former Soviet Union, the Russian Empire, Tsarist Russia and the Grand Duchy of Moscow, this city breathes history. It is here that that you’ll find the Kremlin, a world heritage that belongs to the city, the official residence of the President of the country and in front of which lays the Red Square. House of many billionaires, Moscow is a huge cultural center that invites you to experience the treasures of its museums, galleries and performance halls, like the Bolshoi Theatre. Old estates and luminous parks give the city a touch of romanticism.