TAP Portugal  


Porto conquers the visitors for its monuments and landscapes, but also for the human heritage, the warmth and friendliness that helps discovering the best way to find places of unique beauty.

The number of people who are enchanted by the city of Porto becomes increasingly, with a monumental characteristic, featured in its buildings and streets but also in the food, the landscape and the way the city tries to reinvent itself every year. Porto is a city where the gray granite is not enough to break the spell of certain spots in the Ribeira da Foz or in the busiest arteries of down town and Boavista. Porto is a city to discover walking, despite its slopes, it is the best way to discover places that seem to hide from those who pass by in a hurry. Whoever does not want to venture out on long walks can use the public transports, which is quite good and operates in an intermodality system, allowing one to reach anywhere. You can also choose tour buses that make several trips throughout the city and its surroundings. The climate is mild, but there is no snow in winter and it’s not too hot in summer, but the summer nights and mornings always invite you to wear a sweater.