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Perched on the cliff that leans over the bay where the Atlantic and the Mediterranean meet, with the Strait of Gibraltar in the background, Tangier is a focal point in Northern Africa, bridging the gap with Europe. A crossing point for many civilizations and cultures throughout the centuries, despite its undeniable historical charm, today Tangier is also a bustling cosmopolitan city, organized around thriving nuclear areas, such as Petit Socco neighbourhood, Freedom Street and France Square.

Notwithstanding its avant-garde side, the city does not disown the strong traditions that spring from the old medina. Doing justice to the endless stories told about Tangier to the point where they start to blend with the city’s own history, it is worth to stroll down to the town’s outskirts on the way to Spartel Cape, where you will find Hercules Grotto. A place with an entrance that resemblances the shape of an upside-down map of Africa, in which, according to the legend, the Greek hero spent the night to rest, after digging the Strait of Gibraltar with his own hands.